Earn a Juris Doctor Degree

This degree is the nationally recognized degree required to practice law in the US. There are currently 205 ABA accredited law schools in the country and you should gain knowledge about the areas of study, tuition, faculty, and curriculum. You should also choose a program that offers the focused curriculum in your area of interest.

Pass The Bar Examination

Most states require lawyers to first graduate from a law school accredited by the ABA and then pass the state bar examination to qualify in that state. In most states the exam is spread over two days – the first day is for the Multistate Bar Examination and the second day is focused on writing examinations which cover various legal matters.

Advance Your Career

Lawyers who are fresh out of law school usually start as associates and work in tandem with experienced lawyers to hone their skills. After many years of practicing like this successfully, the attorneys can rise to become partners in the law firms on the other hand some prefer to start out on their own. Some lawyers even go beyond practicing law and become judges or move to public positions. Lawyers can also pursue further education and opt for masters and doctoral levels. If a lawyer is interested in research and academic scholarship, then he or she may opt for these levels.