How To Become A Successful Attorney In The United States

If you want to embark on a lucrative and respectable career then becoming an attorney is the right option for you. If you want to become a lawyer then you have to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees along with examinations and the process of licensing. Before you start out on the journey to become a lawyer you should ask yourself why you want to choose this career. Are you willing to commit several years in studying the law and if your answer is yes, then you should follow the below mentioned guidelines in the various academics, skill building, and steps of licensing to start a career at practicing law.

Complete A Bachelor’s Degree Program

This is the first step to becoming a lawyer and is the minimum requirement for admission into a law school. There are no recommendations by the American Bar associations as far as the fields of studies at this level are concerned. Students from all areas of study, including political science, mathematics, are accepted into law school. The common undergraduate majors include English, economics, political science, philosophy, business and journalism.

Identify Law Schools And Complete Applications

After you finish the undergraduate degree, you will have to study further in order to become a lawyer and gain a graduate degree. Do not consider the timing of the school because you should choose only a law school which is accredited by the American Bar association. Apart from overall GPA, undergraduate courses and LSAT scores there are other factors taken into consideration while granting admission to law school. These include community service, recommendation letters from alumni, educators or legal professionals and organizational affiliations. You can approach the Law school admission council if you wish to conduct research regarding the application process for law school. The law school admission test or LSAT is the main factor which is considered in the applications process